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Traditional vs Self-Publishing ~ Is The Promotion/Marketing Different?

There’s much to read about the “war” between traditional and self-publishing–most of it quite hyped.

I’m always happy when I find an article about the traditional publishing world that’s rational and fair.

Jane Friedman recently had an interview with Amy Stolls, traditionally published and so honest about her experience it made me Whoot :-)

The post, How Much Has Book Marketing Changed Since 2005?, has shown me that some of the “hype” about the traditional route is true but there still are benefits to be had.

Do, please, read the whole, fascinating article but to entice you (and, fulfill the needs of those who won’t go read it) here are a few nuggets:

The Ninth Wifewas published by a large commercial house as a paperback original and was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the publisher’s lead titles for the season, meaning they actually put a respectable amount of marketing muscle behind it.”

“…my experience with the first book taught me this: getting all or mostly all good reviews doesn’t translate into sales….But here’s the good news, and where, I feel, everything has changed between then and now: more and more readers are finding ways to speak up and be heard and create buzz!”

She talks about author signings, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter (which she’s still trying to embrace), and Blog Book Tours.

And, while talking about poor experiences with author reading events, she said this:

“A literary center in my area asked me to do a reading this winter or next spring, long after the book has been out. I wrote back a counteroffer: how about something completely different? How about, for example, a fun Q&A with another author friend of mine, about the writing life, in which we talk about our books but also try to stump each other? That way, it’s more fun for us because it’s different, more fun for the audience because it’s different, and we can cross-pollinate our fan base. I don’t know why writers don’t do more of this sort of thing.”

My biggest take-away from the article (which was deeply fascinating) was that even with what Amy called, “a respectable amount of marketing muscle”, she still has a significant amount of work ahead in promoting her book–as all writers do :-)
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