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The Various Flavors of Publishing . . .

So many ways to publish these days

Actually, more than I can keep up with, other than a few broad categories—each general method having multiple options.

Naturally, there’s still “traditional” or “legacy” publishing—Click Here for 17 previous posts on this topic.

Then there’s what I call working with a “Publishing-Aid Company” like FastPencil, which I used for Notes from An Alien :

*Write a book on their site, while inviting BetaReaders or editors to work with you—>Free

*Revise, edit, check multiple proofs, upload a cover, work-out front and back matter, etc.—> Free

*Publish and have the book distributed to Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and Ingram

(Print & E-book editions)—> $300

Then come the many, individualized ways to “Be Your Own Publisher”—many helpful considerations in this article by Joel Friedlander.

And, if you have an abundance of self-reliance and the determination to persevere, try this publishing method that combines “Publishing-Aid Company” with “Be Your Own Publisher”—PressBooks—> Do check out their Blog

Also, if you want a primer on the flavors of publishing from a person with Way More experience than I have, read Jane Friedman‘s Start Here: How to Get Your Book Published.

Finally, if all you want to do is grab a free WebSite and post your work there (and folks are screaming at you to Never do that), read Friedman’s Stop Being Afraid of Posting Your Work Online.

Have you already published? — I’d love to have you share your experience in the Comments

Still thinking about publishing? — I’d love to have you share your concerns in the Comments :-)
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