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When A Metaphor Turns Real . . .

Writers use metaphors and readers process metaphors. The word means to Transfer Meaning–Rain becomes Mercy, A Politician is the Devil, a Woman personifies the Muse What if a Metaphor wrote a story?

Ardith Goodwin is writing a marvelous story that instills life into a common object. Can you tell what it might be from this beginning of her story?

“For days I had felt the sharp prongs of a rusted, metal rake scratch repeatedly across my back. I felt footstep after footstep land across my head, reminding me with each blow just how deep my face was in the thatch layered dirt. I had been here so long, in this cold, dark place that I was hesitant to believe there was any hope of being found. ”

That excerpt is from the first installment. Ardith is posting the story on a special blog Here’s just a bit from the second installment:

“The moment I was pulled from the confines of that prison I was blinded by a magnificent light dancing across my face. Chunks of dirt still covered most of me, but it didn’t prevent the light from reaching the parts of me that had been in darkness for so many years.”

The blog is called, The Unforgettable Journey of Found Baby. At the end of each short post, you’ll find a link to the “Next Post”.

Take this journey. Read this story written by a real baby doll that was found in March of 2010. Read these words from Ardith:

“Found Baby writes about her everyday adventures, about how she feels, thinks, and the challenges she faces living in a world so obsessed with beauty and perfection. As she adjusts to life out of the ground, she can’t help but recall bits and pieces of her life before she was buried, and those memories are heartbreaking….learn the story about how she was found….She believes there are no coincidences, and you landing on her blog isn’t one either. Welcome, no masks needed………..”

Found Baby is 49 years old–she is Real; yet, Ardith says, “She has…become a metaphor for those who suffer from abuse, who have been outcast because they are ‘different’, who are abandoned or brokenhearted, or who are called ugly.”
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