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Friday Poll ~ What Kind of Posts Do You Want To See?

Let’s look at the results of last week’s poll first—Point of View ~ for Readers & Writers.

Vote for the kind of posts you want to see on this blog

Image Courtesy of Gary Mcinnes ~

And, a brief example of what Point of View (POV) means:

First Person: “I couldn’t believe what I saw.”
Second Person: “You won’t believe what you see.”
Third Person: “Seeing the miracle didn’t make him believe it.”

For the Readers’ poll:

3rd Person got 54.6%
1st Person got 45.4%
2nd Person got 0%

For the Writers’ poll:

3rd Person — 60%
1st Person — 30%
2nd Person — 10%

Now, this week’s poll—What Kind of Posts Do You Want to See on This Blog?

Naturally, multiple votes are possible; and, the “Other” space is there for answers I haven’t put in the poll

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