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Don’t “Make” People Pay ~ “Let” Them Pay . . .

I’m hoping it’s fairly obvious that a writer can “easily” transfer ideas that work for a singer/performer to the realm of attracting a readership

I know it’s totally obvious that this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever done :-)


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Don’t Promote Your Books ~ Promote Yourself…

“Promote” comes from roots that mean Move Forward.

Every person spends some amount of time promoting themselves

Whether you think of self-promotion as shouting in a bar, doing outlandish stuff on Facebook, or calmly being in attendance in Spaces where you can get to know people who might want your book (or service) makes a huge difference in your “success”.

And, in case you don’t get out much, there are people who consider the first two examples to be valid forms of promotion.

Yesterday we considered a book that has sold around 20 million copies.

Yet, I consider it a social and business failure.

If that statement makes no sense to you, check out my two previous posts, How Do You Measure Success? and “Success” Is Vastly Over-Rated.

And, if you want to know my particular brand of promotion, check out the guest post I wrote, Second Life: Virtual Book Promotion and Word of Mouth.

But all I’ve said so far in this post is just the build-up to introducing you to someone who could very well help you find your own best program of self-promotion, Shauntelle Hamlett.

She has the website Sleaze Free Promotions and a fascinating personal blog called being is a verb.

Apart from having had 18 years experience in corporate marketing and promotion (during which it certainly appears she’s crafted her own unique sleaze-free approach) she’s also an active writer

In her own words:

“Shauntelle is determined to use her marketing powers for good, teaching writers and other creative entrepreneurs how to promote themselves and increase their sales. During her free time, she tells tales, chats with interesting folks on her podcast, and encourages her friends to escape the Facebook cult and join Google+ instead.

“*She also finds it amusing to talk about herself in 3rd person sometimes just because…”

If you either fear or hate the very idea of self-promotion, Shauntelle can definitely help

[afterthought] When the title of this post said “Don’t Promote Your Books” it was actually saying “If You Promote Yourself, Your Books Will Promote Themselves” :-)
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