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Bay Area Bloggers Hangout with Jane Friedman ~ Refreshingly Original !

There are many things about the shake-up frenzy in publishing that are becoming absolutely boring.

One example is these dueling articles (read at your own risk):

Why Book Publishers Hate Authors

Why Publishers Hate Authors: A Response to an Article that Doesn’t Deserve a Response

Then there’s Jane Friedman.

And, the Bay Area Bloggers Society.

Neither the Society nor Jane are into being boring about the changes in publishing

Recently, three members of the Society met in a Google Hangout with Jane—the video is below.

They also provided an outline of the topics discussed, with the time into the video where they begin:

The beginnings of the ebook industry, how the Kindle changed the game (1:17)

The importance of author platforms for both traditional and self-publishing (2:00)

Building a platform is not a single act, but a long career growth process for authors (4:22)

Literary agents as publishers, and the importance of transparency in emerging agent/author services models (6:30)

Why big publishers need to think creatively about their brands—and the outliers that are leading the way (9:50)

Jane Friedman talks about the growth of her own platform, both online and in person, as an advocate for empowered authors and media agnostic publishing (11:30)

What Jane learned by publishing her ebook, Enigma Variations (14:44)

Author collaborations, competition, and the need to help one another in this new landscape (17:45)

The value of Twitter for authors, how Facebook may be declining, and the surprising usefulness of LinkedIn for community building (21:18)

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