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Why In The World Publish A Novel Promoting Global Peace?

Welcome to another post in the Special Friday Series, Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

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In the last two and a half years of writing this blog, primarily devoted to Explorations In Reading, Writing, and Publishing, I’ve also kept readers up to date on the journey my self-published novel is taking.

Some of the most revealing posts, those that get into my motivations for writing the book, are:

Global Peace ~ Can It Happen?, in which I said:

“There’s an insidious idea afoot that global peace is impossible. This post will point you toward resources that uphold its possibility and, perhaps, its inevitability.

“Saying global peace is impossible depends on folks believing that ‘human nature’ includes an ineradicable desire to be selfish and contentious. Some people feel that ‘human nature’ is such that, given half a chance, any human will ‘naturally’ use violence to attain their ends.

“I leave it to you to decide what human nature is; but, what I must propose, what I’m incapable of holding back, is my belief that human nature contains the possibility to be as barbaric as an animal as well as  to be as divine as an angel.

“It’s education and the human will that are critical in deciding which direction any human takes their potential.”

In the post, The Power of The Powerless, I said:

“Is there something in your life that has made you endure the Unspeakable? Have you reached the stage where there is nothing left worth fearing—a state that often carries within it the Power to fight for Survival?

“I fear for our World—I have for years and it’s crippled many hopes and dreams that I’ve let die. But, I’d reached the state where I had nothing more to lose and I wrote my book.”

And, in What Made You Write That Book?, I wrote:

“Without giving you my whole personal history—all of which somehow feeds into why I wrote the book—I’ll at least mention how my early 60s were the ‘worst’ time of my life

“I faced severe depression based on a decades-long series of remarkably bad decisions.

“I also lived through the treatment for Hepatitis C (a deadly virus that attacks the liver).

“This necessary regimen was an invasion of drugs, 11 months long, that I can best characterize as ‘sledgehammer medicine’

“To my delight, I had a remarkable spiritual renewal during the horrible physical experience.

“In fact, the whole cycle of despair, threat of death, and dreadful-treatment-inducing-renewed-confidence-and-hope can be seen as a rehearsal for the plotting of Notes from An Alien.”

Finally, in Why People Won’t Like My Book And Why They Might Want To Consider Reading It…, I said:

“I often have to battle feelings of rank stupidity when I compare what I’m doing to what popular authors have mastered. Of course I only feel stupid on the days when my work to promote the book has completely worn me to a quivering frazzle

“Still, I went into this project with clear eyes about what most of the reading public wants and what I felt I had to offer them.

“Let me be painfully clear:

“Our world is in grave peril.

“People are regularly being lied to and manipulated by the powers that be.

“The powers that be have no rational solutions for the multiple, global crises humanity is suffering through. They, essentially, could care less

“Most folks who love to read just want something to help them ignore the intense pressures of daily living and escape to worlds that entertain or ‘safely’ thrill.”


Why In The World Publish A Novel Promoting Global Peace?

— I had to

— I deeply feel folks need to consider the possibility of Global Peace

— The basic considerations of what it will take to bring Peace into being needed to be cast in a fictional framework so people could absorb the ideas in the most “painless” way I could present them

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