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#Novels & #Novelists

#Novels & #Novelists Warning

This post is more like homework than a news broadcast…

I’m dealing with complete uncertainty about the status of family members in Florida (…due to hurricane Irma…).


Instead of pulling excerpts from the articles I had planned for today, I’m going to show you the articles and only sketch-out the connections between them

You get to read them and make further deductions—perhaps you’ll leave your thoughts in the Comments


The first two articles are both from Aeon and the titles alone should give clues to why I’ve associated them here:

I Am Not a Story ~ Some Find It Comforting to Think of Life as a Story. Others Find That Absurd. So Are You a Narrative or a Non-Narrative?

Indescribable You ~ Can Novelists or Psychologists Better Capture the Strange Multitude of Realities in Every Human Self?

The third article is from The Bookseller, the publication’s title being a clue for a possibly narrow perspective:

Authors Question the Novel’s Future in Face of Declining Attention Spans

I really would like some Comments, even if all you do is scan the articles, grab a few ideas, and sum-up what looking at all three of them means to You
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