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Brand New Way To Self-Publish ~ Especially, If You Didn’t Think You Ever Would…

I once said there might be too many ways to self-publish.

FastPencil Publishing

Image courtesy of Tracy Olson ~

At least it could seem so when you’re considering the possibility and you have to decide the best way to do it…

I’ve settled on two ways—FastPencil and Smashwords (though, I did recently publish a book of Fantasy Tales on Kindle Direct).

Then, yesterday, I got an email from FastPencil that said they’re “…offering all Evernote users the ability to instantly self-publish their notes using the FastPencil platform for ingestion, book building, transition to print and eBooks formats, online distribution and selling of the finished book.  Available today, Evernote users can immediately take their notes and import them into FastPencil to create and publish in an eBook or PDF in a matter of seconds. The work can then be shared via the web or distributed through FastPencil’s publishing packages.”

And, here’s Evernote’s announcement:

“It’s never been easier to be an author.

“Evernote is an especially popular tool for many writers. It serves as the place to collect, find, and organize source material, archival information, and photographs.

“For many authors, Evernote is the place where ideas are assembled into words and manufactured into stories. The white canvas of a note is a comfortable place to pour out prose and organize the elements of a publication into place.”

In case you’ve never heard of Evernote, check out this brief video:


Here are a few links that will get you thinking about ways to use Evernote:

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6 Creative Ways to Use Evernote

Once you’ve put your Evernote material into FastPencil, you can engage readers and even editors in your project with the social tools they have.

And, speaking of social aids to publishing, you may have friends that use Evernote (or, other collaborative tools) and you just might consider teaming up to publish…

If so, take these words of Nilofer Merchant to heart:

“Instead of doing what was ‘required’, they figured out what was necessary. Most central– they tapped into the people who cared, the people who wanted to come together to solve a problem. Today, connected people can now do what once only large organizations could. That’s the fundamental truth of the social era. Those people then share information and organized in such a way that many could act as one.”
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