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“How to Become a Writer”

I put the title of this post in quotes because I needed some way to indicate that I was not going to be giving you the End-All-Be-All method for becoming a writer.

Though, actually, if I give in to the urge to generalize, all you have to do to become a writer is to read as many good writers as you can while also writing until it stops sounding like crap

I should add that “read as many good writers as you can” does not mean reading what they say about how to write

Some folks will tell you “Just use the Internet.”—Everything is on it, right?—and, here’s a link to start you on that hazardous journey

Other folks might tell you to get an MFA (in the USA…)—I did a post about that called, ” I Don’t Have to Pay for an MFA in Creative Writing ? “.

Also, that last link will let folks in countries other than the USA do, for free, what folks here do when they pay tens of thousands of dollars for an MFA (Master of Fine Arts); though, doing it for free doesn’t let you go on to teach others “How to Become a Writer”

But, no matter what method someone uses to become a writer, there’s one helluva lot of learning involved.

I recently came across an article by Allison Beckert called Self-Education for Writers.

And, I’ll share a few excerpts that I hope will encourage you to go read the full article:

The lifeblood of any skill or talent is continued growth.”

Continuing education should be a priority for anyone hoping to produce quality writing.”

“A good place to start would be listing topics of interest, or subjects about writing about which you know little…”

“Also, throw some research topics in there for subjects to write about…”

“Here are a few general study types:

  • Lecture/Seminar
  • Online Class
  • Instructional Book
  • Textbook
  • Example analysis”

Allison goes on to explore some of those types of study then says:

“Finally, study for retention. All the lessons in the world don’t matter unless they’re remembered, either as fact or as a valued skill.”

Allison may not be the world’s best writer and I’m certainly not; but, she brings a sense of Reality to learning how to write that’s a relief from all the Overblown Hype that’s out there
You’ll find more “pointers” about how to write <— by taking that link :-) (60 other articles that might help you in your self-education)
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