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Top Posts & Pages for #Readers, #Writers, & #Publishers

I usually promote a post from other blogs on Sundays; but, today, I’ll promote the most visited posts and pages on this blog since its beginning in January of 2011

There have been over 105,000 visits

35,035 visits were to the main page—showing whatever posts happened to be current.

5,228 visits were to the About Page, which is usually a well-viewed feature on most any blog.

2,126 were to Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story…


1,837 were to * The Book ~ Notes from An Alien

1,216 were to Why Do Certain People Become Writers?

975 went to Free Software for Writers . . .

718 went to What’s The “Best” Way To Learn “Proper” Grammar?

635 went to Are Fiction Writers Capable of Freelancing?

601 went to * Behind The Scenes . . .

600 went to Diagramming Sentences ~ A Lost Art?

585 ended up at The Danger of A Single Story

483 visits went to * Our Author Interviews

453 were to What’s The Relationship Between A Writer & Their Characters?

438 were visits to Writing ~ Is It A Craft or An Art?

And, finally, 406 lucky people ended up at What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies?

These were the most visited of 1,787 posts and 9 pages…

So, why did I say the 406 folks who went to What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies? were lucky?

Because, I consider that post the most important thing I’ve written in the last six years of blogging.

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Top 15 Posts . . .

“About” Pages on a blog are the most visited. Makes sense for folks to want to know who’s behind the words, eh?

Then come the most visited posts–what drew attention, what sparked interest, what the blogger usually wants to do more of :-)

Since January 1st, this blog has had 10,152 visits. Of those, 4,034 hit the Home Page (meaning they saw the most recent post–so, the numbers below are actually not those pages “most visited” but the ones “most-willfully” visited), 270 visited My About Page, and 227 saw my book’s About Page

Here are our current “top” fifteen posts:

Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story… More stats 202
Author Interview ~ Maria Savva More stats 136
Author Interview ~ Karla Telega More stats 109
Author Interview ~ Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick More stats 101
In Memorium, for Jamie… More stats 78
Invitation To The Madhouse ~ Report On Self-Publishing More stats 77
Author Interview ~ Simone Benedict More stats 72
Who The Heck Knows The “Right” Price for An Ebook? More stats 70
A Virtual Memorial That Brings Real Tears… More stats 68
Author Interview ~ Stacy Juba More stats 67
This Is The Way It Must Be Done! More stats 66
Where Do Writers Find Their Ideas? ~ Revisited… More stats 63
Where Do Writers Find Their Ideas? More stats 62
Rediscovering The Power of The Word, “No!”, with Irina Avtsin More stats 59
Author Interview ~ Shari Green More stats 59

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