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I Get Interviewed About My Writing :-)

I have around 50 Author Interviews on my blog… Alexander M Zoltai

And, I’ve been discovering the joys of a site called About.mea place to create a digital Bio page and a space to meet and interact with some very cool folks…

I think it qualifies as Social Media…

I met Jan Jacob Mekes on…

From his Bio:

“Jan Jacob Mekes is an English writer born in the body of a native Dutch speaker, in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. He loves reading, writing, cycling, and photography. His favourite book is Don Quixote, he loves chocolate, and is a cat person. Re-reading this, he realizes this sounds like a profile on a dating site. In a way, that’s true, because I (said the inconsistent writer who switches to first person like the Hulk) want you to go on a date… not with me, but with my books. I love my readers!”

He has four very interesting-looking books

And, he recently interviewed me :-)
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Building An Author Platform ~ One Critical Step . . .

The universe of Book Promotion gave birth to the term Author Platform and I’ve been amused ever since…

Author Platform

Image Courtesy of Simeon Eichmann ~

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the term but there are plenty of folks who use it in funny ways.

Some writers build a platform to promote themselves according to instructions from “experts”…

Some build a platform for their books and then hide under the platform…

I’ve written a number of posts about Author Platform but, before I tell you my One Critical Step in building one, here’s a question:

What’s a platform for?

Here are a few definitions from my Oxford dictionary.

All the meanings have been used in various articles I’ve read about Author Platform:

architectural plan
draughtsman’s drawing
chart, a map
plan of action, government, administration, etc
scheme, a design, a description
thing intended or taken as a pattern, a model
raised level surface or area
natural or man-made terrace, a flat elevated piece of ground, a tableland, a plateau
level place constructed for mounting guns in a fort or battery

Obviously, an Author Platform is constructed to Elevate the writer—raise them up above the Crowd—give them a place to deliver a Message…

But, what many writers forget to do before building a platform is to choose a blueprint that They have drawn up and that makes the Platform serve their Own Purpose.

That last sentence contains what I consider the most Critical Step in building your Author Platform.

Just one example of borrowing someone else’s blueprint:

There are writers out there who’ve created a “level place constructed for mounting guns in a fort or battery” and proceeded to Blast their Message into the roaring crowds of Social Media; then, discovered they didn’t like the result because their Big Guns didn’t have enough Ammunition to justify the Fortress of their Image.

Perhaps someone like James Patterson needs a Platform in a Fort—you may need a different approach…

There is a particular site that might be a good place to begin building an Author Platform—

One reason is a good place to start is that, unlike so many social media spaces, you can Customize it to serve your particular Purpose.

Check out these 10 very different pages

So, to be absolutely clear, the one Critical Step I think a writer needs to take is not to make an page—it’s to take the time to ask yourself some Deep Questions about how you want/need to present yourself to others—the Message you want to deliver to the World—then, perhaps, customize a Free page…

Since I’ve been spouting off about it, here’s My Page :-)

By the way, there are many ways to build a following within the website—check out these Tips for creating your own Platform
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