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First Response To Our Writing Challenge :-)

Back in June, I created a  Writing Challenge ~ Use The 1200 Most Common Words To Write A Story…

Looking back at that post, I’m surprised someone figured out how to meet the challenge since I was fairly vague; and, many folks probably thought I meant the 1200 most common words were the only ones people could use :-)

Happily, someone saw through my foggy description and took on the challenge. Gwenette WriterSinclair picked up the gauntlet and has produced chapter one of twelve chapters. As she put it:

Just to keep it interesting . . . Used in order (almost:), each 100 words defining a chapter.

Ch. 1 – Words 1-100:

One wonders where all this comes from . . . and where it will go:)

{ If you want to look for the words as you read, here’s the download link to the 1200 most frequently used words in the English language. }

And, here is her Chapter One:

Currently Untitled

© 2011, Gwenette Writer Sinclair

To the sound of your voice and scent, I am drawn.

A memory in me is you.  That it leaves him out – for he was always on the outside . . .
are we surprised?  So you are with me here, yes?  His eyes closed; they are asleep. See?
Being this far from you, for so long, and now I have you here by me . . .
but in one breath, you are gone.
Had I only stopped breathing . . . but I had not.

What was I thinking when I found you? I have forgotten that, and all the memories that were you, when we were us and he was outside.  They are gone again and there is no place where I can find you. You are gone and his eyes – which are open now – each will watch me.  Their gaze wanders only when they look for you.  “Where is she?” If I listen, I do hear his whisper.

I do wonder how he came to be watching. Out, beyond the walls, up above the trees, every night I do see them. His eyes always open, hiding in the dark with stars all about.  Others only see the stars. Many knew him then, but none can see him now. Some pretend, hoping I will stop crying so very many, many tears.   I wonder that the water of my tears and the winds of my long sighs do so little to fill my empty heart.  These tears would stop if my eyes could look into yours, but no one has found you. “The two were like one.” I do hear them whisper. “More time . . . . . .over it.” Their whispers echo in my dreams.

I would rather die than forget, but the memories flee from my sorrow. At every day’s first light I make new memories from ones captured in poems, captured in pictures . . . captured in people I wake at dawn with the sounds of my breaking heart.  I watch and wait for his eyes to close against the new light. The moon sets, the stars fade behind the clouds, the sun rises. Sunlight floods over the hills, down the canyon and onto my sheets, onto my cheeks drying each tear.  My tears only slow, but never stop. His eyes stop watching, but only for the day.

I wander each day to find you, to find my way, to find my words. I need just the right words that will call you back to me.  You will come running to me, the sounds of your laughter filling the canyon. I look for you in the barns;  I wait for you in the gardens. You know the words that will tell me the secret of where you have gone.  Where have your words gone?  Our story is lost in your silence.


I’ll post the other chapters as I receive them from Gwenette, or others who may take up this challenge :-)

Plus, here’s Gwenette’s Facebook Page and her Virtual World Development site.
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