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Are Failure and Success Actually “The Same Thing”?

We live in a world where “false dichotomies” thrive. What is often presented as black or white has infinite shades of gray. What is perceived initially as male or female has its complement close at hand. What can seem like sheer dominance has an interior of pure subjection… I happen to be a writer and […]

Is The Success of Indie Authors Just A Bunch of Hype?

There’s a war going on. One side has been around for a long time and has lots of money. The other side is the new kid on the block and has an unquenchable spirit. The rich old ones are playing dirty and the young upstarts haven’t quite figured out the “rules”. Yet, the old ones […]

Smoke & Mirrors ~~ How is Success Measured In Publishing?

 If you use the Subject Index Links (in the left side-bar) you’ll notice I have more posts on Self-publishing than those on Traditional publishing… Of course, I do usually make reference to each in the other’s posts, but there are times when I just can’t tag a post as mostly about Traditional Publishing. Sure, I have a bias, […]

Productivity vs Satisfaction ~ or ~ Success vs Peace of Mind

There are so many folks (perhaps more than ever) attempting to fulfill the old maxim, Everyone Has A Novel In Them. Self-Publishing has revolutionized more lives than half a dozen more prosaic social advances… But is the revolutionized life worth living? Isn’t it true that a writer must be published to be a Real Writer […]

Are You A Successful, Unpublished Author?

 Does it seem like the title of this post has a mistake in it? Do “Successful” and “Unpublished” go together?? What is “Success” for a writer??? From another perspective, is a writer successful if they are consistently writing—honing their craft—expressing their creativity—perfecting their art—but, not publishing? Try this conversation on for size: ~~~ Jane:  “So, […]