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What I wish I’d known at school: two instructions for making a creative life

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
A few weeks ago I posted about exercise and my ineptitude at school sports. In the far warrens of the internet, somebody at my old school pricked up her ears and wrote me an email. We love hearing what alumnae are up to. Would you write a few words…

Building readership: a quiet rebellion against three pieces of conventional marketing wisdom

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
I’ll readily admit that book marketing is not my expertise, but some commonly accepted maxims really chafe for me. Indeed, my gut tells me I should do the opposite. So here they are, for better or perverse. Rebellion 1: Social media – use pictures and videos for greater engagement…

6 unusual tips for writing characters who’ll keep readers riveted – guest post at Ingram Spark

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How do we create fictional people who feel just as real as our closest friends? How do we build layers of complexity that will bewitch a reader and keep them hooked for several hundred pages? Ingram Spark noticed I had a book about characters (here) invited me to their…

Five tips for writing good prose

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How do we learn to write good prose? Indeed, what is it? How do we develop our use of language, play our literary instrument with more elan and flair? We were probably all encouraged at school to use difficult words instead of simple ones. I see plenty of work…

Heroes and heroin – writing a character who has an addiction

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
Pic of Janis Joplin from Wikepedia You might remember the terrific question Adam Nicholls asked me about daily wordcounts and now he’s sent me this: May I pick your brain about fleshing out a character? I’m struggling with someone who’s addicted to heroin. What a challenging subject. It’s daunting…