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Wiping Out Illiteracy

Last year I wrote about a major reading initiative in the post, Promoting Literacy by Putting It in World-Crisis-Solving Perspective.  I recommend all readers, writers, and publishers absorb that post for one important reason: “Illiteracy affects over 757 million people worldwide and has an impact on global development. Although it is a largely invisible issue, the repercussions […]

Bestsellers, Major Literacy Project, The World Hasn’t Completely Fallen Apart, and FREE BOOKS :-)

This is my first “Kitchen Sink” post of the New Year—I’ve secured my new apartment in my old city; I’m increasing my health tweaks; I’m a bit less “fractured”; and, I can “breathe” a bit better…  First topic—Meet the Writers Who Still Sell Millions of Books. Actually, Hundreds of Millions. Commented on are the authors Paulo […]

Sept. 8th ~ International Literacy Day

In fact, it’s the 50th Anniversary of International Literacy Day!  Here’s some data… “The world has changed since 1966 – but our determination to provide every woman and man with the skills, capacities and opportunities to become everything they wish, in dignity and respect, remains as firm as ever. Literacy is a foundation to build […]

Inspired by Illiteracy by Maria Canela

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:
I was brought to this country by an illiterate father and barely literate mother; both had been raised in the Dominican Republic with little access to an education. I was in the fifth grade when I first realized that my father could not read or write. We were standing…

Promoting Literacy by Putting It in World-Crisis-Solving Perspective

The title of this post is certainly a mouthful (and, mindful…).  I was alerted to this initiative on the Co.Create site with their article, “Alphabet Of Illiteracy” Highlights How Reading Can Help Save The World. An excerpt: “An A to Z list of world problems that could be eased by being able to read is at […]