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Soon, #Smashwords Will Be an Even Nicer Place for #Publishing…

I’ve been publishing for nearly 13 years; however, almost 7 years ago, I got very serious about it—I used FastPencil to publish a novel that I now give away on Smashwords…  The weird thing is that I’ve known Smashwords is a very cool place to publish for all those nearly 7 years; but then, I […]

#SelfPublishing Decisions . . .

There’s no way I could write a post (or, series of posts) that would capture all the decisions you could make in a self-publishing career…  The reason you could never discover all the options? The selfpublishing landscape is always changing. If you were to click on these links {from the Subject Index Links in the […]

Ten Publishing Predictions for 2017

 I’ve been published by Lulu and FastPencil and Amazon and Wattpad…  One of these days, I want to get around to being published by Smashwords… Perhaps (whenever I decide it’s “complete”), I’ll put my Story Bazaar there… Nevertheless, if you put “Mark Coker” (the Founder of Smashwords) into the search box at the upper right, you’ll […]

Two Publishing Options ~ Two Editing Options . . .

This is the 35th post on this blog that will mention FastPencil publishing-aid company. In the past post, FastPencil ~ Funny Name, Dynamite Publishing-Aid Company. I shared this info: I’ve summarized the FastPencil experience this way: *Write a book on their site, while inviting BetaReaders or editors to work with you —> Free *Revise, edit, check multiple […]

Credit Where It’s Due ~ #TraditionalPublishing and #SelfPublishing

Regular visitors here know I’ve been covering the Traditional Publishing beat (this post will be in the collection at that last link…). But, I’ve given space-preference to Self-Publishing. You probably know that there’s been a Digital Book Revolution; but, if you haven’t been involved in deep study of the Book World, you may not have […]