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A Blog Conversation about Book Promotion . . .

 Our last conversation here—about Genre—ended for lack of reader comments; but, it had a decent run, on May, 14th, May 16th, and May 21st… I’ll get our next conversation going with this quote: “As writers and artists, we feel the drive to do meaningful work, but we get overwhelmed by the process of connecting with […]

Does Book Promotion Actually Help Sell Books?

As far as my experience goes (and, the experience of the trusted souls I seek advice from…), there is no simple or definitive answer to the question, “Does Book Promotion Actually Help Sell Books?” I am going to be sharing excerpts from an article on Jane Friedman’s blog by a guest writer, which is about seeking […]

Authentic Book Promotion ~ Does It Sell?

Let me first address the issue of book sales. There are many things an author can do to increase the likelihood that their book will sell. However, none of those actions will guarantee sales… Some writers think landing a traditional publishing deal will assure book sales. Not so… Perhaps, if you’re an extremely famous person, […]

Breaking The “Rules” of Book Promotion ~ 6 Different Views

I read an email this morning from an Author Hustler—made that term up—someone who sells advice about book promotion to authors… First, why buy advice if you can find it for free? Second, why take advice if most of the advice givers are borrowing from other advice givers and trying to dress the “advice” in […]

Need Some ENERGY To Get Busy On Book Promotion? ~ Meet Jonah Berger :-)

On April 3rd I published a post called, How Can An Author Make Their Book Go Viral? It had a 40 minute video of Jonah Berger, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has a new book out that gives the simple yet powerful results of his years of research […]