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There Should Be Only One Way to Promote Your Writing ~ Your Way!

I’ve written a lot on this blog about book promotion, author platforms, and social media.  And, you can scroll down in the left side-bar to find all of it (in the Subject Index Links)… But there are two posts in particular I’ll point out: Breaking The “Rules” of Book Promotion ~ 6 Different Views Authentic Book […]

#BookMarketing ~ Making Sense of #AuthorPromotion

I’ve written here before about Book Marketing…  I’ve discussed my disdain for the term “marketing” and my grudging acceptance of “Book Promotion“. I’ve explained that snagging a traditional book deal doesn’t guarantee a writer can forget about promoting their book (unless that “writer” happens to be wildly famous…). I’ve discussed the buzz-term, Author Platform (and, its cousin […]

So Ya Think Your Book Will Be a Bestseller?

This post is for those who are brave enough to self-publish; though, it could apply to those going the traditional route, too; and, if you’re not an author, do, please, share it with any writer-friends you may have…  I decided to write this post after I read Kate Evans‘ article, The Measure of Success in Indie Publishing. […]

Money from Writing Blog Posts

Many of you know I’m a maverick—in my writing and in the promotion I do…  And, it seems apropos to share the etymology of “maverick” from my Oxford English Dictionary: “Samuel A. Maverick (1803–70), Texas engineer who owned but did not brand cattle.” Branding is all the rage now for self-published authors—come on, get on […]

Authors Love Interviews

I got interviewed again… Apart from the value it adds to my Author Platform, it was just plain fun. It happens to be the most personal interview I’ve ever given… But, before I tell you a bit about it, let me remind you there’s a menu-tab at the top of this blog that says “* […]