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The blank page – conquering your fears. And a couple of writing prompts

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
‘So you don’t find the blank page worrying?’ Creative writing teacher Jane Jones was interviewing me as part of her women writers’ summit (watch this space). Actually, we recorded it multiple times because of tech catastrophes so a lot of our discussion never got saved. (Moral: don’t use untried…

Where Are All The Writing Prompts?

If someone asked me the question in the title of this post, my first answer would be Life—moving, breathing, blooming, careening writing prompts… Then, I might direct them to these four past posts: The Most Important Writing Prompt In The World? All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . . More Writing Prompts . . . […]

More Writing Prompts . . .

Some folks feel “Writing Prompts” is an overused phrase, suggesting “Self-Assignments” is a “nicer” way to indicate that many writers need a jolt to get over the dark depression called “Writer’s Block”. Back in March, I had a post here called All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . . in which I said: “Prompting can come […]

All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . .

“Writing prompts” are anything that gets a writer writing. Some writers find the idea strange since they never have situations or feelings block their writing. Even though I’m in that group of writers who don’t experience blocks, I’ve spent the last few Mondays at an event on Book Island in Second Life called Writers’ Wave. […]

On Hating Writing from Prompts

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
By Alice Lowe You hate writing from prompts, because you’re no good at it, because despite the human brain’s instantaneous capacity to absorb new input and coordinate an appropriate response, you cannot put pencil to paper with any degree of intelligence or coherence. Within seconds of hearing a…