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The blank page – conquering your fears. And a couple of writing prompts

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
‘So you don’t find the blank page worrying?’ Creative writing teacher Jane Jones was interviewing me as part of her women writers’ summit (watch this space). Actually, we recorded it multiple times because of tech catastrophes so a lot of our discussion never got saved. (Moral: don’t use untried…

Where Are All The Writing Prompts?

If someone asked me the question in the title of this post, my first answer would be Life—moving, breathing, blooming, careening writing prompts… Then, I might direct them to these four past posts: The Most Important Writing Prompt In The World? All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . . More Writing Prompts . . . […]

Is Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” An Extended Writing Prompt?

For that matter, is any music you happen to love a writing prompt? I heartily encourage my readers who are writers (and, those who are not yet writers) to listen to The Wall… Have a pen and paper or a simple computer note-taker handy… If you don’t get at least one dynamite writing idea, I’ll […]

The Most Important Writing Prompt In The World?

Writers need Prompts—Incentives to set themselves to the task of Creation… Back in April I wrote a post called World Peace ~ Fiction or Reality ? There’s a video in that post and the man in the video begins with the words of A. E. Houseman: High upon the hill of summer, Lazy with the flow […]

More Writing Prompts . . .

Some folks feel “Writing Prompts” is an overused phrase, suggesting “Self-Assignments” is a “nicer” way to indicate that many writers need a jolt to get over the dark depression called “Writer’s Block”. Back in March, I had a post here called All Kinds of Writing Prompts . . . in which I said: “Prompting can come […]