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Author Interview ~ Fatima Ammar

I met Fatima very recently and haven’t, yet, read any of her works {since this was published, I have begun reading her…}. From her profile on Wattpad, her presence on Twitter, and her WebSite, I deduced a critical quality for writers—an independent power of creativity… Let’s get this interview in gear… ~~~~~~~~~ > So, Fatima, […]

Author Interview ~ Adrian G Hilder – Part Two

I met Adrian on Wattpad and had a real adventure reading his novel, General’s Legacy… Some readers may want to consider reading Adrian’s previous interview first. This second interview has much valuable information on the way Adrian’s dealing with the marketing and promotion of his books. In fact, it’s important enough that I’m leaving it up for […]

Author Interview ~ Mary L. Tabor

The first mention of Mary on this blog was in a post in December—A Fascinating Story from Wattpad. Before the interview, I need to quote the other Wattpad author in that past post: “Endless gratitude to Mary L. Tabor who I met here on Wattpad and who then took me under her angel/professor wing for over […]

Author Interview ~ Adrian G Hilder

I’ve been waiting what seems a long time to have today’s interview… In fact, regular readers may be surprised there’s no re-blog today. Well, there won’t be a re-blog tomorrow either—I must leave this interview up both days… It was in January of this year that Adrian and I “met”—when we followed each other on […]

#Wattpad Expands Reach ~ Attracts #Publishers

I’ve written about my experience with Wattpad a number of times—the Top Tags widget (down a bit in the left side-bar) shows 23 posts (naturally, this one’s there, too…).  In fact, I have eleven Wattpad Author Interviews here… I thought it was time for an update on the phenomenon called Wattpad when their blog had […]