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Visual Thesaurus ~ More Than Fancy Diagrams

I’ve talked about the Visual Thesaurus before in this blog and even recommended you pay $20/year to unlock all its features; but, you can still get a lot of value even if you can’t afford the subscription. If you’ve never seen the results of using this tool, here’s the image for the word “blog” And, […]

Etymologies & Thesaurus Trees

I think it’s time to show the Word Histories and Synonyms for the three Main Topics of this blog: Reading, Writing, & Publishing. The etymologies are from the Oxford Online Dictionary Pro: READ : Old English rae-dan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch raden and German raten ‘advise, guess’. Early senses included ‘advise’ and ‘interpret […]

Blooming Words ! ~~ A Thesaurus That Offers Articles On Writing :-)

In case you didn’t know, a thesaurus is “a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts” and it comes from roots that mean “storehouse” and “treasure”… This image is from the Visual Thesaurus. I encourage you to go there and put your own words in to try it out but you […]

I Give Myself A Fantastic Writing Challenge . . .

It’s always interesting how seemingly isolated threads of activity can weave themselves into a new goal… First : I was contemplating the writing of one of the stories for the series, Behind The Scenes, and decided to purchase a deck of “Magic” cards to do a little research… Second : I gave a half-hearted attempt to learn […]

Technology & Language ~ Can They Get Along with Each Other?

I’m going to feature an interview in today’s post with Ben Zimmer—linguist, lexicographer, and language columnist—executive producer of the Visual Thesaurus and I’ve featured the Visual Thesaurus six times on this blog ( seven times with this post :-)… And, to set the stage for excerpts from Ben’s interview, here come “word-trees” for Language […]