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A Book Review That Teaches The Author Something About Typos . . .

The review is of Notes from An Alien and the reviewer is an inmate in Maryland, U. S. A. who’s been incarcerated for 32 years and is serving a life term. Here is his review: “It started a bit slow, but I found it completely worth reading. I thought the concept of a living sentient […]

What’s The Real Cost of #SelfPublishing?

More and more writers are looking at self-publishing as a viable alternative to the aging and unresponsive traditional path. And, if you really want to go deep into this new way of getting books to readers (and its many ways of being described) you could visit the 142 articles I’ve written about self-publishing… But, the […]

Amazon Seems to Be Playing Fair, after All . . .

Five days ago, I published the post, Do We Have to Worry about Amazon Being Heavy-Handed Again?  I reported on a story about Amazon putting warning labels on e-books that have typos and other errors; but, I expressed my wariness about what was being said in the quoted article from goodEreader… I also asked for a heads-up if […]

Do We Have to Worry about Amazon Being Heavy-Handed Again?

The topic for today’s post came from the wonderful blog called The Passive Voice—usually showing snippets with links to other blogs but sometimes holding forth at length, eloquently—this time with the snippet/link about “Kindle e-Books will have a warning message if they have spelling mistakes or bad formatting.” The passive guy (who’s actually a lawyer) […]

What Happens to a Book After It’s Published?

To answer the question in the title of today’s post, I need to first bring up the differences between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing <— there, I brought them up with those links because they’ll take you to all my articles on those subjects :-) And, I shouldn’t ignore the common sentiment among authors that publishing can feel […]