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Our Blog Conversation Continues ~ Comparing Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing …

 Monday’s post—Continuing the Conversation ~ Readers as Gatekeepers—compared the experiences of two writers (me and a friend) who both prefer self-publishing but have favorite authors who traditionally publish… Before I share the comment on Monday’s post that kept this conversation going, I feel I need to mention that there are great writers who are published […]

The Conversation Continues ~ the Issues with Traditional Publishing . . .

Recently, our Conversation here has had a focus on Publishing, in the post on March 14th—The Conversation Is Still Fizzling . . .—and the post on March 19th—Back to Our Conversations ~ What the Heck Is Privishing?…  And, a regular reader (and poet) had this comment on the post of the 19th: “Does it ever make sense […]

Why Traditional Publishing Is Not for Serious Writers . . .

I’ve compared Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing quite a few times—click on both terms down in the Top Tags widget in the left side bar to do a bit of research…  However, I’ve found what may be the definitive article explaining why serious writers need to learn how to Self-Publish. The article is from Erica Verrillo and […]

Traditional publishing & selfpublishing … not so different: Q&A from New Generation Publishing summit

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
Self-publishing and traditional publishing. What are the differences? Today I’ve been on a panel at the New Generation Publishing summit, and it’s clear there is no longer an absolute divide between the publishing approaches. These days, we have a spectrum. So that sounds abstract – let’s have concrete examples.…

How Close to Insanity Is the Traditional Publishing Industry?

As of this writing, I have 11 posts about Traditional Publishers <— that link includes this post…  But, I also have 33 posts about Traditional Publishing—see the Subject Index Links in the left side-bar, for other Fine Distinctions :-) Usually, my GoTo person for explanations about the inane activities of traditional publishers is Joe Konrath. […]