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Continuing Our Conversation about Traditional vs Self-Published Book Promotion

 Our current conversation began on June 27th… You may want to take that link to see what was said… And, I’ll break my usual pattern of posting to share the questions I asked at the end of that post: > Have you had a book traditionally published?   Was the marketing for that book sufficient? > […]

Blog Conversation about Traditional vs Self-Published Book Promotion . . .

 Our last conversation—Choosing What to Read—was only one post long, due to no reader comments… So… I get to start a new discussion about traditional vs self-published book promotion :-) I prefer “promotion” rather than the more common term “marketing” since promoting sounds less aggressive—to me, “marketing” means “business” and “promotion” means “relationships”… Some of […]

Extending the Conversation about Traditional vs Self Publishing

 Our current conversation, the longest one since I started the new format here, has covered this ground: March 28th — Shifting to Self-Publishing April 2nd — Readers as Gatekeepers April 4th — Comparing Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing And, that last post has two comments that extend the discussion here… From the U.S.A.: “I enjoyed your comment: I realize Mr. […]

Our Blog Conversation Continues ~ Comparing Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing …

 Monday’s post—Continuing the Conversation ~ Readers as Gatekeepers—compared the experiences of two writers (me and a friend) who both prefer self-publishing but have favorite authors who traditionally publish… Before I share the comment on Monday’s post that kept this conversation going, I feel I need to mention that there are great writers who are published […]

The Conversation Continues ~ the Issues with Traditional Publishing . . .

Recently, our Conversation here has had a focus on Publishing, in the post on March 14th—The Conversation Is Still Fizzling . . .—and the post on March 19th—Back to Our Conversations ~ What the Heck Is Privishing?…  And, a regular reader (and poet) had this comment on the post of the 19th: “Does it ever make sense […]