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New Year’s Resolutions from a Very Successful Author

This will be the 35th post I’ve done that relates in some way to Joe Konrath. He was very successful when he used a recognized publisher and he became even more successful when he went Indie. And, if I can offer an idea for a writer’s New Year’s resolution, I’d say pay close attention to […]

How Many Sales Does It Take to Make a Book a “Success”?

The answer to this post’s title depends on who you ask. The author, the publisher, and the readers would have different opinions. My past post—What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies?—says, “An extremely small percentage of writers sells more than 500 copies of a book…” So, is a successful book one […]

So You Want To Be A Successful Writer… ~ Oh, My…

Last year I wrote the article Bad Advice for Writers = Most Advice for Writers. If you want to be a successful writer you should go read that article. It begins by telling you that most books sell less than 500 copies. Then, it explores a range of motivations for being a writer that don’t include […]

The Successful Writer

Becoming a successful writer depends, completely, on your definition of “success”.  Success As Money is the most uncontrollable goal you can set. Sure, there are things that can be done to enhance a writer’s chance of making money; but, none of them is a sure bet. Success As Readership is a goal that’s easier to reach […]

Are Failure and Success Actually “The Same Thing”?

We live in a world where “false dichotomies” thrive. What is often presented as black or white has infinite shades of gray. What is perceived initially as male or female has its complement close at hand. What can seem like sheer dominance has an interior of pure subjection… I happen to be a writer and […]