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MicroFiction Reprise :-)

Our Internet Age has spawned what appears to be an appetite that’s appeased in bits and bites rather than in full-course meals. It’s even become a form of writing, whether in blogs, news, or fiction. USA Today ~ Books recently had an announcement: New voices: Author Lou Beach’s ‘420 Characters’. The book’s description: “Miniature short […]

Microfiction ~ Revisited

A few days ago, we had the post, Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction, which you may want to look at before reading the rest of this post; mostly for the links and references it provides for this very new genre of literature… So, without further ado, I’ll present six more of Relish Resident’s microfiction stories. Oh! […]

Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction

I just left the virtual world, Second Life. I’d been to a literary Happy Hour, hosted by Relish Resident and dedicated to microfiction. Microfiction is so Niche that even Wikipedia doesn’t have a separate entry for it—it’s in with Flash Fiction… I’ve written many times about my experiences in Second Life and tonight’s event was […]

Fuel for Writers

I’ll begin with a huge generalization that I believe is hugely true:  Life is a writer’s fuel… Notwithstanding that rather large truth (and realizing that there are truths within Truth), I said in a past post (about stealing time to read…): “I’ve been reading lately to maintain my WriterlyMind—reading is what trained me for writing… […]

How Long “Should” #Novels Be?

Back in 2014, I wrote the article, Breaking The “Rules” of Writing. As usual on this blog, taking that link will lead to other links, which lead to… It’s one of my rules that my articles here should (when appropriate) lead to related articles. Rules aren’t bad; but, “Rules” can be very bad… “Rules” are what other […]