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MicroFiction Reprise :-)

Our Internet Age has spawned what appears to be an appetite that’s appeased in bits and bites rather than in full-course meals. It’s even become a form of writing, whether in blogs, news, or fiction. The Paris Review had a clutch of excerpts from Lou Beach’s forthcoming book, 420 Characters : Stories. The book’s description: “Miniature […]

Microfiction ~ Revisited

A few days ago, we had the post, Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction, which you may want to look at before reading the rest of this post; mostly for the links and references it provides for this very new genre of literature… So, without further ado, I’ll present six more of Relish Resident’s microfiction stories. Oh! […]

Breaking Boundaries ~ Microfiction

I just left the virtual world, Second Life. I’d been to a literary Happy Hour, hosted by Relish Resident and dedicated to microfiction. Microfiction is so Niche that even Wikipedia doesn’t have a separate entry for it—it’s in with Flash Fiction… I’ve written many times about my experiences in Second Life and tonight’s event was […]

Dipping into the Archives . . .

I’m foregoing my usual re-blog today…  Regular readers may remember me mentioning a friend of mine—prison librarian and microfiction author, Johnpaul Mahofski. So, this rather incredible human being has just spent 4 weekend sessions, lasting at least 9 hours each, finding all the broken links (sites change their names, people disappear, etc…) in all my posts […]

Flash Fiction Is Alive and Well

How long is a novel?  Some say at least 50,000 words; but, there are well-accepted novels that are shorter. How long is a novella? Longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. How long is a short story? Somewhere from about 1,500 words to upwards of (some say) 30,000 words. So, somewhere under […]