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Main Street Writers Movement ~~~ for: “Everyone who wishes more people were reading and talking about literature.“

Yesterday, I posted a re-blog by Roz Morris about the Main Street Writers Movement. She touched on all the top reasons to be interested, whether you’re a writer, publisher, or reader. But, I thought I’d add my voice to Roz’s, since most of my visitors come from Google searches, meaning they could hit this post […]

Latest News about the #MainStreetWriters Movement

I must begin this post with a “Prologue” <— something actually hated by some writers… If you get bored at any point in this prologue, just scroll down to And, Now The News!  You see, this blog has way more visitors from Google searches than from folks who sign up to Follow it. And, while […]

#MainStreetWriters Founder Honored by Publishers Weekly

The award is called PW Star Watch and Laura Stanfill, publisher of Forest Avenue Press, was one of the honorees…  Laura is also the founder of a Movement I’ve done many posts about—the most comprehensive one is, Main Street Writers Movement ~~~ for: “Everyone who wishes more people were reading and talking about literature.“  When she was honored, […]

#Writers Need All the Help They Can Get . . . And, so Do #Readers . . .

At different times and for different reasons, all writers need help— —with getting new ideas, with improving current ideas, with editing or revision, with the way to construct a book… I’ve been extremely interested in a particular phenomenon that’s intended to help writers; however, it’s also intended to help “…readers, booksellers, publishers, editors, publicists, agents, […]

Writers gathering at the corner of Forest Avenue and Main Street

Originally posted on Samuel Snoek-Brown:
I’ve been a fan of Forest Avenue Press practically from the beginning (they received an Oregon Literary Fellowship in publishing the year after I received mine for fiction), and one of the things I’ve always loved about the press, publisher Laura Stanfill, and their authors is how mutually supportive they…