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More on The Konrath/Eisler Conversation

Yesterday, I featured a conversation between Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (both highly successful authors) called, Be The Monkey. I realize many blog readers don’t follow links and may not discover how rich in content that conversation is. It has nearly every issue a writer could consider when comparing the state of Traditional and Indie […]

Extending the Conversation about Traditional vs Self Publishing

 Our current conversation, the longest one since I started the new format here, has covered this ground: March 28th — Shifting to Self-Publishing April 2nd — Readers as Gatekeepers April 4th — Comparing Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing And, that last post has two comments that extend the discussion here… From the U.S.A.: “I enjoyed your comment: I realize Mr. […]

New Year’s Resolutions from a Very Successful Author

This will be the 35th post I’ve done that relates in some way to Joe Konrath. He was very successful when he used a recognized publisher and he became even more successful when he went Indie. And, if I can offer an idea for a writer’s New Year’s resolution, I’d say pay close attention to […]

How Close to Insanity Is the Traditional Publishing Industry?

As of this writing, I have 11 posts about Traditional Publishers <— that link includes this post…  But, I also have 33 posts about Traditional Publishing—see the Subject Index Links in the left side-bar, for other Fine Distinctions :-) Usually, my GoTo person for explanations about the inane activities of traditional publishers is Joe Konrath. […]

Independent Bookstores ?vs? Indie Authors

Ever heard of Joe Konrath? If you take that last link, you’ll find 34 past posts that feature him… He’s a rare bird who was doing quite well in traditional publishing, had some difficulties that clearly disturbed him, took to Indie publishing and hasn’t looked back since. If you need advice to navigate the life […]