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4 low-cost ways to get writing tuition if you can’t afford an editor

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
I’ve just finished writing my first novel. I want to get published but I can’t pay for an editor. What can I do? Edith Every week I get emails from writers who want help but can’t afford the cost of an editor. And I can see why. Good editors…

How do you become an editor?

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
Rachel Anderson asks: How did you get into editing? Did you start writing first and then take on editing as a natural second, or was it out of necessity since there are more opportunities for editors than writers? Oof, talk about cutting to the quick. It’s certainly tricky to…

Editing seminar snapshots: How much should you budget for editing your book? And how should you choose an editor?

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
This very good question came up when I spoke at the Writers & Artists selfpublishing summit a few months ago. And my answer… deserves a post. First, there seem to be two modes for charging: by the hour and by the wordcount or page. With the wordcount, writers can…

How should you credit your editor? Advice from a former publisher

Originally posted on Nail Your Novel:
Should your editor be credited as a contributor to your book? What about your proof reader, copy editor? And where should you credit them? Long ago, I ran an editorial department in a small publisher, so I thought it might help to give some guidelines. Here’s my post about…

The #Reading of #Writers (and, an Editor…)

There’s a website called The Millions that says it’s “…an online magazine offering coverage on books, arts, and culture since 2003.”  And, 12 years in Internet time is a looong while… Plus, the The New York Times calls it “The indispensable literary site”. It appears I’ve reported on articles from The Millions seven times over the years… […]