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Still More Conversation about Book Promotion . . .

This discussion began on November 7th and continued on Nov. 9th…  We’ve talked a bit about the book Be the Gateway and dealt with having no idea how to promote a book and Book Fairs and Book Talks; and, here we are with the following comment (which is letting us continue the conversation) from an accomplished […]

More Conversation about Book Promotion . . .

This discussion began on November 7th… The comment that let this conversation continue came from a writer, poet, and artist living in Belgium: “Well, I have yet to finish a book, so I have no idea. But will be reading along!” I couldn’t have had a better first comment if I’d paid someone to write it […]

A Blog Conversation about Book Promotion . . .

 Our last discussion here ended due to a lack of reader comment; though, it broke a local record—longest conversation since this blogging format began back in late February. There were ten posts in that record-breaking conversation about “Rules of Writing“… Plus, we’ve already had short discussions about Book Promotion which you can find here, here, […]

Continuing Our Conversation about Traditional vs Self-Published Book Promotion

 Our current conversation began on June 27th… You may want to take that link to see what was said… And, I’ll break my usual pattern of posting to share the questions I asked at the end of that post: > Have you had a book traditionally published?   Was the marketing for that book sufficient? > […]

Blog Conversation about Traditional vs Self-Published Book Promotion . . .

 Our last conversation—Choosing What to Read—was only one post long, due to no reader comments… So… I get to start a new discussion about traditional vs self-published book promotion :-) I prefer “promotion” rather than the more common term “marketing” since promoting sounds less aggressive—to me, “marketing” means “business” and “promotion” means “relationships”… Some of […]