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Book Deals and Author Platforms

Regular readers of this blog know I favor self-publishing; but, I’ve written quite a bit about the traditional route, too—they both have their challenges…  And, one person who knows a lot about getting traditional book deals is Jane Friedman. This makes the 43rd time I’ve referenced her here… And, as far as Author Platform, this is the […]

Are You Struggling with An “Author Platform”?

This young New Year probably has quite a few writers struggling to implement a resolution to build or improve their “discoverability”—having readers find them—providing ways to develop a relationship with an audience…  As I always do, I caution any writer to not take anyone else’s “formula” for this activity and rather take the time to […]

Building An Author Platform ~ One Critical Step . . .

The universe of Book Promotion gave birth to the term Author Platform and I’ve been amused ever since… There’s nothing inherently wrong with the term but there are plenty of folks who use it in funny ways. Some writers build a platform to promote themselves according to instructions from “experts”… Some build a platform for […]

Google Plus and The Author Platform

For folks new to this blog, I’m a self-published author who’s a maverick when it comes to promoting my work. The most obvious example is in the side-bar—my novel is for sale but I still give it away :-) I’ve written here, many times, about how I’ve dealt with the need to let folks know […]

Author Platforms & Email Lists…

As I went through the process of writing the book I recently published ( use the link in the left side-bar to get a free copy :-), I began sending out various incarnations of the book: first clean draft, second clean draft, ready for the editor draft, after the editor draft, after the Review Office […]