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Our Blog Conversation Continues ~ Comparing Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing …

 Monday’s post—Continuing the Conversation ~ Readers as Gatekeepers—compared the experiences of two writers (me and a friend) who both prefer self-publishing but have favorite authors who traditionally publish… Before I share the comment on Monday’s post that kept this conversation going, I feel I need to mention that there are great writers who are published […]

Continuing the Conversation ~ Shifting to Self-Publishing

Our Conversation post this past Monday has no comments so I’m continuing the focus on publishing but jumping over to Self-Publishing.  Since, for now, our Conversation posts are on Mondays and Wednesdays (though, there are short stories on Fridays and re-blogs on the other days…), I’ll mention that there are quite a few days after […]

Fake News ~ in Self-Publishing . . .

This makes the 38th post where I pass on information from Joel Friedlander. He’s the power behind The Book Designer. Today, I’ll share a few excerpts from his article, Fake News! In Self-Publishing, in the hope that you take that last link and read the whole thing… Fairly soon in the piece, Joel says: “…it’s undeniable that […]

ICYMI: Is self-publishing coming of age in the digital world?

My Publishing-Aid Company is FastPencil… Check out this re-blog about them :-)

The Self-Publishing Book Business with FastPencil

Many writers self-publish—some only once—some over and over… Do you have any interest in a Self-Publishing Career? Then, read today’s re-blog carefully…