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A Few Bookish Videos

I was, as often happens on the Internet, “guided” to a particular post. It happened to be on Book Riot. I’ll quote a bit from their About Page: “Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are. So sometimes we are […]

Two Authors Talking at the London Book Fair

You may have noticed I didn’t have a Re-Blog yesterday—instead, I decided announcing a publisher’s well-earned honor was a better choice… Today, I feel another video with author Elif Shafak is important to share. In case you missed them, here are two other posts I did that featured this author:  #Writers & #Movies This Is Not […]

This Is Not a #BookReview . . .

Five days ago, I published a post with a video featuring the author, Elif Shafak…  Shortly after I finished that post, I downloaded a copy of her book, The Forty Rules of Love : A Novel of Rumi. I was stunned… In a very positive way… Have you heard of and/or read Rumi? He lived back in the […]

#Writers & #Movies

I wrote a post featuring Movies about Writers back in 2016—it included 12 films.  There’s a more recent post in The Independent Publishing Magazine called, Seven Films About Writers That Will Motivate You. So… 19 movies about writers… In one of my past posts, I said: “…the legendary director and producer, Francis Ford Coppola, said he preferred […]