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More on The Konrath/Eisler Conversation

Yesterday, I featured a conversation between Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath (both highly successful authors) called, Be The Monkey. I realize many blog readers don’t follow links and may not discover how rich in content that conversation is. It has nearly every issue a writer could consider when comparing the state of Traditional and Indie […]

How Many Sales Does It Take to Make a Book a “Success”?

The answer to this post’s title depends on who you ask. The author, the publisher, and the readers would have different opinions. My past post—What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies?—says, “An extremely small percentage of writers sells more than 500 copies of a book…” So, is a successful book one […]

“Federal Court Finds Apple Guilty of E-Book Price Fixing”

The title of this post is from an article on WIRED. Forbes, a major money magazine, has Apple Loses E-book Case After Judge Says It Played A ‘Central Role’ in Price-Fixing Conspiracy. Back in March last year, when the story broke, I wrote Authors/Readers vs Publishers vs the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Then in June […]

So, How Clueless Are Traditional Publishers?

I’ve featured Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath here quite a few times—the two most interesting posts being Some Publishing Advice from Two Extremely Successful Authors and More on The Konrath/Eisler Conversation. Well, Barry gave a talk at the Pike’s Peak Writers Convention and got some surprising responses and Joe carried Barry’s explanation on his blog: Eisler on […]

The U. S. Authors Guild President vs Reality

If you read the recent New York Times op-ed piece by Scott Turow, Authors Guild president, entitled The Slow Death of the American Author, you might think he’d made some valid points… First let me refer you back to a previous post on this blog, Authors/Readers vs Publishers vs the U.S. Dept. of Justice, and […]