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That’s . . . Weird: Cultivating a Child’s Unique Sense of Humor by Margaret Mincks

From today’s charming re-blog:

“I hope my books give kids a safe place to laugh and connect with characters who are learning about themselves, just like they are. Every kid needs a place to be Weird-weird, whether it’s at home, with their friends, or in a secret journal.”

Nerdy Book Club

“John is a hungry boy. (Yeah.)

He likes to eat lots of things. (Yeah.)

He goes to the buffet every day and likes to fill his PLATE . . .

With tasty things.”

-Margaret Mincks, ca. 1993

John is my brother, and I improvised this song on an endless family road trip. There was no buffet. There was never any buffet. There was only him wailing in his car seat, and I had to make it stop.

I admit it wasn’t my finest work. Twenty-five years later, it still haunts me that I rhymed “things” with “things.” But it did the trick – John stopped crying.

As the second oldest of eight children, I spent a lot of time improvising. Songs, games, artwork, you name it – making stuff up for the sole purpose of making my siblings laugh.

One of the most important tools in my “chill, children” kit…

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