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Yet More Conversation about the “Rules of Writing” . . .

This Blog Conversation began on October 15th and continued on Oct. 17th, 19th, and 22nd… Rules of Writing

I’ll give you a huge thought from earlier in this discussion…

There are many declared “rules” of writing; yet, I’ve made a point to include in our past posts, and will share here, a maxim from author C. J. Cherryh:

No Rule Should Be Followed Off a Cliff.

I don’t know if you can agree with that; but, it rings loudly true to me…

Some of the past posts in this discussion have considered the idea that being “frightened” by various aspects of the writing process can lead many folks to embrace  certain “rules’ to bring them some potential “comfort”…

My all-time favorite fiction writer has her share of “rules”; but then, she’s the one who said, “No Rule Should Be Followed Off a Cliff“…

Once again, our gold-star commenter, an author and publisher from Germany, has the single comment that let this conversation continue:

“Showing something I have written to someone is absolutely frightening. I trust my husband to read the first ‘public’ version of my books. Even so… when he doesn’t say anything, or the pauses between readings are long, I want to steal the manuscript back and hide it.

“Yesterday, I wrote a blog post, scheduled for November 8th, about writing rules. The post was of course inspired by the conversation here on your blog. When I opened your post today, I found that you had chosen the same picture. Considering the conversations here I think this wasn’t a coincidence.”

First, to address the non-coincidence, which I would call an occurrence of synchronicity, I’m in a state of wonderment about my German friend’s “attunement” to my choice of image…

I’d also written the following in the post where she discovered that image—my comment based on her re-introducing the idea of potentially frightening ideas surfacing in the act of writing:

“My widest thought-path notes that where our German commenter used “subconscious”, I would choose “Personal Unconscious” and “Shadow”—Jungian terms; plus, those words suggest I supply a link to an essay I wrote about the levels of mind involved in the activities of writing or reading—What Are Words?

“If you’re not frightened when thinking about psychology and metaphysics, check out that essay…”

Synchronicity is a particularly Jungian term…

Without getting into the details of that essay of mine, I should mention that may people who “wish” they could write a book are actually “afraid” to write—fearing they may call up sequences of words that may “frighten” them or others—stir up ideas that lie just beyond their “safe” conscious barriers…

If such a person does acquire a bit of daring to attempt the tasks of writing, they might adopt other folks “rules” about what to write and how to write it—all the while ignoring the Truth of what’s boiling away deep inside their soul…

Perhaps our German commenter’s potential fright when exposing her writing is fearing some “judgement”; or, worse, receiving no response to her particular Truth…?

I hope she’ll add to her stellar record of sharing comments to respond to my wonderings…

Perhaps, you’d consider sharing your thoughts about “rules” helping writers overcome the “frightful” aspects of writing…?

Or, you may have other opinions about “rules for writing”…?

Or, you may have ideas for where to find “rules for writing”…?

Or, you may not understand why there should ever be any “rules for writing”…?

And, you might be the first reader to comment and allow this discussion to continue :-)
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9 responses to “Yet More Conversation about the “Rules of Writing” . . .

  1. Jane Watson October 24, 2018 at 9:16 pm

    I think that when a writer meets with ‘synchronicity’ it indicates that somehow the writer has accessed an inner world that has moved beyond fear and is putting them in touch with their own authenticity. They are then writing from that authentic place, and although some external rules may be helpful, it is not the rules that are steering the boat, it is their inner compass :-)


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  3. martinaseveckepohlen October 27, 2018 at 5:53 am

    I always feel that a young manuscript is vulnerable. So many things can still happen to change the text, maybe hurt it. First responses are useful when they offer new ideas and directions for growth. But they also have the potential of cutting off ways and stifling ideas.


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