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The Careful Craft of the Disability Essay

Today’s re-blog is capable of “interpretation” on at least three “levels”:

* Writing non-fiction essays about disability…
* Writing non-fiction essays…
* Writing fiction essays…

Personally, I feel the disability essay interpretation is the most important.

BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog

zz RachelHogeBy Rachel Hoge

Sometimes I have trouble knowing which came first: my writing or my speech disability. I began stuttering early in life, around four or five years old. Around this time, I wrote my first poem—one short stanza about ducks, but don’t judge, I was learning. One thing I never learned, though, was how to stop stuttering. Like 1% of the American population, stuttering was the neurological and genetic hand I had been dealt. I continued to write, mostly because it was a form of communication and self-expression that was inaccessible to me verbally. I never stopped writing and I never stopped stuttering, and both became significant and lifelong conditions.

In the beginning, I wrote poetry and fiction exclusively, but in my early 20s, once I began to write about my speech disability, I naturally gravitated towards creative nonfiction. I found creative nonfiction could best accentuate the complexity of…

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