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A Book’s Job by Barb Rosenstock

The author of today’s re-blog says this, “I watched kids in one suburban school, from all over the world, engage with my words in a deep way. Most importantly, I watched them relate to a boy from India born over 100 years ago—a boy who was forced to go, but who found home again through his art.”, as she explores the job of a book…

Nerdy Book Club

Your job is a teacher, mine is a writer. Or you’re a librarian and someone else is an illustrator. But what is a book’s job?

When you’ve been working with children’s books for a while you can lose track. You start to believe that a book’s job is to sell a lot of copies or get made into a movie or always be missing from the shelves or have its title tweeted every ten minutes.

After more than ten years of writing for kids, I’ve just learned a lesson about a book’s job that I’ll never forget…

A group of master’s level student teachers from the Maine College of Art in Portland asked to use my upcoming picture book, The Secret Kingdom, for a series of lessons. The Secret Kingdom (illustrated by Claire Nivola) is the story of Nek Chand, a refugee, forced to leave his home village during…

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