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Continuing Even More Conversation about Which Is Better for a Writer — Social Media or Search Engines ?

Gateway Book Promotion This conversation has had posts on August 31stSeptember 3rd, September 5th; and, September 7th.

If social media and its related search activities are important to you, I encourage your reading all those past posts…

For those who heartily remain in the moment, permit me to briefly indicate the recent focus of this discussion on the book, Be the Gateway, by Dan Blank.

I referred to this book as:

“…the Revelation of an organic and unifying approach to Creative Promotion that is, in my mind (which has stumbled through vast tracts of the ‘Net’s jungle of shoulds and shouldn’ts), the most fruitful way to work at attracting readers to a book…”

And, right after listing links to a few Amazon reviews (in the September 7th post), I said:

“Two things I should point out:

  • 97% of this book’s reviews are 5-star, the remaining 3%, 4-star…
  • I’m recommending it for writers; but, as one of those review titles says, “…for Creatives of All Stripes”…

“Something else to ponder about this book is that each reader will be able to create their own Personalized Approach to Creative Promotion…”

Also, the comment that let this conversation continue came from an accomplished author from Australia:

“I found ‘Be The Gateway’ one of the most amazing books about not just a new way of spreading word about your book, but also about actually helping you, the writer, work out the meaning of your own work. This line: ‘…you become the gateway for how your work can shape the world for others, and inspire them…’ says it all. It inspired me so much to find the meaning in my work that mattered to me. No writer can afford not to read this book.”

If becoming a Gateway sounds a bit daunting, (“Can’t I just Tweet a lot…?”) do remember our author friend from Australia saying, “It inspired me so much to find the meaning in my work…”; and, that Dan’s book, by helping you dig in and discover your deepest motivations, shows you how to use that Deep-Knowledge to create a Gateway for others to experience that Meaning and Motivation—this is So much more than writing blurbs that reveal your characters “selling points”; or, saying things like, “This book is very Stephen King if he wrote like J. K. Rowling”…

If you had a lovely living room, your front door and vestibule would be its “gateway”—your book’s gateway is much more than a cover, title, and blurb—it needs a stronger, magnetic, personal attractiveness in the frenzy of current market conditions…

Do remember this, from our author in Australia: “‘…you become the gateway for how your work can shape the world for others, and inspire them…’ says it all.”

Listen to these excerpts from two of the Amazon reviews I linked to:

“…if the reader will have the courage to be vulnerable, even in spurts, it becomes clear that this heartfelt book is written with a sincere desire to help and to change the role of social media, websites, and even bios to become something that encourages real engagement….”

“I love the approach of thinking of sharing our creative work, rather than ‘pushing’ or ‘marketing’ it, and it’s helping me keep front-of-mind why I do it, which in turn makes me feel more motivated to do it, and to enjoy the process more.”

Lest you think this discussion is just an excuse to praise Be the Gateway, all I did was mention it as an alternative a few posts ago—two other authors encouraged this closer consideration… :-)

If you’ve found some other particular approach to promotion valuable, do, please, share in the Comments…

If you have your own unique methods of promoting books, do, please, share in the Comments…

Even if all you have is a desire to discuss some other topic in the realms of Reading, Writing, and Publishing, do, please, share in the Comments…

As I always remind my readers, it takes only one comment to ensure this particular discussion about “promotion” (social media/search) continues…
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