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Collecting Stories, Creating Voices by Carole Boston Weatherford

Today’s re-blog isn’t just about Black History—it’s about a writer and what she Hears…

Much to learn in this one………

Nerdy Book Club

I am a nerd. At age ten, with hopes of becoming a librarian, I organized my personal library—complete with homemade book pockets and circulation cards.

If more proof of nerdiness is needed, I have over the years collected stamps, music, cans and tins, vintage apparel, fabric—I once designed clothes—nick knacks (African, Asian and grape motifs), antique furniture, jewelry, ephemera, prints and photographs.

I also collect stories. My latest spotlights Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, a book collector of the Harlem Renaissance. His collection formed the basis of what is now the Harlem-based Schomburg Center, a New York Public Library branch and a world-renowned repository of books, manuscripts, art and artifacts from the African Diaspora.

I was drawn to Schomburg at first because illustrator Eric Velasquez drew me into the project, but later because I connected with a slight that Schomburg suffered as a boy.

When Schomburg was in fifth grade, his…

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