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Blog Conversation about Which Is Better for a Writer — Social Media or Search Engines ?

Our last conversation, about Beginning to Write a Book, began on August 22nd, continued on August 24th, and persisted on August 26th and August 29thSocial Networking for Writers

And, since there were no comments on the 29th, I’m choosing this new discussion about Social Media and Search.

So, the words, “Which Is Better for a Writer”, in the title means to me that social media and search can both help a writer promote their work (and, I firmly believe that blogging is a form of social media...).

Plus, I wrote “Search Engines” because there are other connections for Search besides Google; but, I’d guess Google gets something over 80% of the queries.

As far as forms of social media besides blogging, I’ll only talk about what I’ve done and leave it to others to comment about what they might find useful…


I’ve been blogging for a little over 20 years; but, my most persistent application of the art began January 1st, 2011 (with the blog you’re in right now), in preparation for the publication of my novel in May of that year.

And, if you doubt blogging can be used as social media, give Google a search; and, for those who don’t take links out of blogs, consider that a blog could be thought of as “longform” tweeting…

Now, the other forms of social media that a person could use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr; and, an indeterminate set of other platforms.

I’ve never used Whatsapp, Instagram, or Tumblr; and, I only use YouTube to passively watch stuff.

I’ve struggled with Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

LinkedIn got firmly dropped due to its seeming non-intuitive nature…

Facebook died in my eyes after Mr. Zuckerberg double-talked the U. S. Senate…

So, I’m now happily left with Google+ and Twitter; and, it takes me about two hours a day to share various articles and posts from others (plus, just a few of my own…)—using an RSS ReaderWriter’s Knowledge Base, News360, and various important feeds in TweetDeck to find those posts and articles…

Also, because, in the most visited posts on this blog, I said, “…these posts were found, predominantly, with a search engine, not social media links…”, I’ll stress the importance of “tagging” blog posts (adding keywords) to help folks find stuff…

However, a search engine can lead to a particular social media expression from sources other than a blog, which could then lead to a blog………

And, for clarity’s sake, many writers maintain a website that has no blogging functions; so, search becomes absolutely critical for helping folks find them…

Plus, in my own personal “dictionary”, the much used term Social Networking means everything I use to connect with others on the Internet; though, folks younger or in better health than I am actually connect face-to-face…

And, as I type the words, “Sure hope a few of you will join this discussion in the Comments.”, I’m vitally aware that I, personally, feel social media and search engines are Equally and Inextricably Valuable for promoting who I am (which might draw folks to my writing…); yet, I realize that others could well see things differently…

It only takes one comment to have this discussion continue… :-)
If you don’t see a way to comment, try the link at the upper right of this post…

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10 responses to “Blog Conversation about Which Is Better for a Writer — Social Media or Search Engines ?

  1. juliecroundblog September 1, 2018 at 8:58 am

    This is a real can of worms! I find Google useful for research but I could live without social media, even my own website, as long as I could contact people somehow, whether it be phone or emails.
    I have been nagged constantly to join facebook and find there are contacts I could only access if I did so, but, so far, I have resisted. It depends how desperate one is to market one’s work. If all my books were ebooks i might find the need to try other outlets but as most of them are only paperbacks I rely on word of mouth rather than the computer – but then I’m a dinosaur! However, I always wished I had an encyclopedia to hand and Google is more than that.Search engines will get my vote.


  2. Ali Noel Vyain September 2, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    I think a personal website is one the most important things for a writer. It can have a blog with it and search engines can find it. It contains all the information about current books and a little something about the writer. Other forms of social media don’t seem to yield many results for book sales no matter the format of the book.


  3. martinaseveckepohlen September 3, 2018 at 2:37 am

    I think a personal website or blog is important for authors. It’s a kind of public shelf where visitors can read old and new thoughts and start one-sided or two-sided conversations. Blogging helps clearing the mind – at least it helps me – and it does this in a somehow different way than a diary. Maybe the possibility of other people reading forces me to use a clearer language tha I would have done scribbling just for my own amusement.
    Facebook is mere marketing. I sometimes chat with friends there, but few posts are interesting enough to click on them. Twitter can be a source of information – at least for writers. I’m not sure if others can profit.


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