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Picture Books

Yeah, I know… It’s Monday and there’s a re-blog below this message…

See, what happened was… I goofed…

Yesterday, Right Here, I did the Blog Conversation post; but, I’ve rigged all kinds of alarms and notifiers to make sure the next one is on Wednesday…

So… go ahead and enjoy this re-blog :-)

A Teacher's Reflections

The school year is beginning, and I turn to the most important thing I do in teaching – reading aloud.  This is an earlier post that explodes with many picture books I discovered, and how they became the golden key.  This is the beginning of many book reviews and stories behind what happened when I read aloud.  Stay tuned!

My very first day of teaching was filled with nerves.  There I was, sitting in front of fifteen children, ready to read-aloud a book that was new to me- Swimmy by Leo Lionni.  Thus began my love of children’s books and reading.  My life was about to change.  It was more than the book; it was the full experience with the words and illustrations, and the children.


Suddenly the library and local book store became my favorite stops. I vowed to start my own book collection.  One of my first purchases…

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6 responses to “Picture Books

  1. tribalmysticstories August 27, 2018 at 1:16 am

    Thank you Alex for the reblog. I love picture books myself, from my childhood (where I didn’t get much of books) and later, reading to my boys. I am now making picture books myself. Two stories written and drawing pictures. Love it.


  2. Jennie August 27, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Thank you for sharing!


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