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Still More Conversation about Beginning to Write a Book . . .

mind map Our discussion about beginning to write a book began on August 22nd and continued on August 24th.

In the first post we had two authors comment—one from Germany, one from the United Kingdom.

And, in the last post, we had a comment from an author in Australia:

My first ideas for a book usually centre around an image or images. If I can’t see the image that represents some kind of metaphor I want to use in the premise for the book then I can’t envisage the book. As I collect images, perhaps on paper or in a mind map, I also begin to think of events that these images could be in. The images are then listed with a colour next to them ( say a red circle or a green cross or star ) then those colour codes are also placed next to the events. an event which has a lot of coloured symbols is obviously one that has rich meaning for the work at hand. Once I have a list of images and events and metaphors that are closely interlinked like a colourful spider web, I begin to get excited because then I know that the world I am trying to create has a dense meaning. I have tried to explain this to another writer many years ago and they could not follow this … so it may seem obtuse :-) Perhaps it’s hard for a writer to describe how they begin!

No doubt it can be hard for a writer to describe how they begin; but, I feel this author did a sterling job of sketching out her method.

Still, I do wonder how many folks could adequately “see” what the method does—the image up there may help… a little(that mind map at the top of this post is not from the author who wrote today’s comment…)

I know this author and I do understand her, especially when she mentions mind maps…

Plus, if I may, I’ll clarify that the colors she associates with her connected collection of images is also on her mind maps, visual coding.

My take on her use of images is that it’s something she naturally accomplishes; and, it feeds her writing mind—personally, I go way out in my mind on many planes of abstraction; then, I let the words flow out to create my images.

Thank goodness authors are so unique—it gives us such marvelously creative books :-)

And, I’m hoping a few readers who’ve never written a book will imagine how they’d begin; and, share that imagination…

Plus, here are a few prompts for others’ comments:

What are the unique circumstances of your book’s beginnings…?

Why did you begin a book…?

Why do you want to begin a book…?

Have you begun more than one book…?

How have the different books’ beginnings begun…?

Reminder: it only takes one comment on this post to keep the conversation going…

[NOTE: I wrote and published this post a day ahead of time—it should have been published tomorrow…
Conversations happen here, normally, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…
So, as I blush… I close with a “See ya on Wednesday”; but, there will be valuable re-blogs until then………]
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5 responses to “Still More Conversation about Beginning to Write a Book . . .

  1. martinaseveckepohlen August 26, 2018 at 6:17 am

    I want to adress your question wether I have begun more than one book. In the very first stage of book conception, when ideas take root and slowly gather other ideas, there are sometimes more than one growing idea clusters. Sometimes they merge – losing some of their strands – sometimes one simply vanishes. Some vanished ideas return later, either in their old or in another form.
    I have never yet worked on more than one fully developed book idea and I’m not sure – given my way of working – if I would be able to handle two books at the same time.


    • Alexander M Zoltai August 26, 2018 at 7:08 am

      Thank you for being the first to move the conversation forward — even though I posted it a day ahead of time <— my bad :-)

      It seems I’ll repeat just a bit of your last comment in this discussion to set the reader up for this comment…

      This will happen on Wednesday — I swear I will not publish a day in advance again :-)


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