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Blog Conversation about Beginning to Write a Book . . .

Our last conversation—favorite books and authors—ended on August 20th, due to a lack of comments; but, the discussion we did have was interesting… Beginning to write a book

This new conversation could be wide-ranging since all authors are unique, even if they work hard to copy one another; though, the effort to copy the style of a good author could eventually lead to one’s own trustworthy voice…

Also, each person is capable of devising some extremely unique ways of beginning—there really are no magic step-by-step methods to book writing (though, some excellent authors have given some fertile hints at possible preludes to certain beginnings…).

And, of course the beginning-to-write depends on what’s to be written—poetry, fiction, non-fiction, metafiction—each category full of endlessly unique opportunities which all could demand particularly singular beginning efforts…

I began writing my first poetry book every time I composed one of the poems, then again when I worked to organize the order they should appear in…

I began writing my novel three times, with two stillbirths and the third beginning that continued to write itself…

My book of Strange Fantasies began as one fantasy a week, in the posts of this blog; as did my 95 tales of the Story Bazaar which is only a “book” because it’s waiting to be organized as its own entity…

I’m beginning to write my second poetry book by reading many of my favorite author’s books; though, beginnings of the beginning have found their way onto a page, waiting to see if they need to change…

But, my writing aside, the actual beginning of beginning to write a book can be many things:

— capturing the concept of the book

— organizing the ideas of the book

— realizing the fullness of the book’s theme(s)

— admitting to yourself that a book is waiting to be written

— finalizing the sometimes painful process of realizing you actually should write a book

And, there are very special circumstances when a book seems to refuse to let itself be begun…

Yet, I realize that these ideas I’m spinning out may not capture any particular writer’s manner of beginning to write a book…

Have you had a book’s beginning happen to you…?

What could you imagine as the process of beginning to write a book…?

Are there some ultra-special factors in your wanting to begin a book…?

What are the unique circumstances of your book’s beginnings…?

How long does it take for a book to begin…?

How do you think the beginning a book should begin…?

Why did you begin a book…?

Why do you want to begin a book…?

Yes, I’m strange enough to think that the why-of-the-beginning is part of the beginning…

Have you begun more than one book…?

How have the different books’ beginnings begun…?

O.K., gotta stop playing around with the various forms of begin :-)

And, don’t forget, all it takes is one comment to keep this conversation going………
If you don’t see a way to comment, try the link at the upper right of this post…

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8 responses to “Blog Conversation about Beginning to Write a Book . . .

  1. martinaseveckepohlen August 22, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    The beginning of the prae-beginning is usually a strong emotion like anger or a “discovery”. Discoveries might be potenially insignificant like the relative sizes of trees, or in one case the name of a street. I make a mental note and keep my eyes open in case other ideas start sticking to the first idea. This may happen soon or take a year or two. Then one day the accumulated ideas have gained weight and signal to me that they want to be written down. I try to ignore the urge, Instead I allow the idea cluster to develop strands. At the right time, I sit down and write it all down.
    There have been stillbirths and false starts. One false start had to wait for a year before I could rewrite it into (what I think, at least) my most important book to date.

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  2. juliecroundblog August 23, 2018 at 5:14 am

    My books usually start with a person or a situation. They are the ones that get finished. Perhaps more interesting are the ones that come to a halt. One stopped because I was trying to write like Stephen King and felt it was a pale imitation. Another stopped because i found the story less interesting than I had hoped and didn’t have any idea how to spice it up. I was writing about someone with a love of houses but couldn’t convey the delight they had when looking over property for sale. I needed to go round some but didn’t really have an excuse. I didn’t want to lie or waste an agent’s time!
    The ones that get finished usually make a point, like how we treat the disabled or how to beware of scammers, even how to cope with redundancy! When I’m writing with a purpose the story gets completed.
    I’m not writing one at present – waiting for inspiration.


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