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Still More Conversation about How You Choose What You Read . . .

Choosing a book to read The first post in this discussion was on August 10th, followed by the one on August 13th

And, here are the two comments from that last mentioned post that enabled this conversation to move forward.

First, from an author in Germany:

“I try to read books by my author friends, and I have followed the “also bought”-widget. I try to avoid shop assistants whatever the shop sales, so I avoid them in bookstores, too. (They are so threatening ;-) ) When I have got rid of the hovering shop assistants, I browse and look at covers, read the blurb and the first page, sometimes the last. In non-fiction books I study the table of contents.

“A few years back I discovered a YA series through my daughter. Her teacher had shown a film in the last lesson before the holidays. My daughter thought it interesting, so I gave her the book for her birthday. She allowed me to read it, too, and from then on we have read all the sequels.”

I’m wondering how many other folks avoid the shop assistants; though, I love the idea of recommendations working their way Up the generations…

Now, from an author in Australia:

“I choose a book because something about its premise piques my interest. I may read a summary of its plot in the weekend newspaper or on The Guardian book pages and then go buy it. Sometimes a friend recommends something and I will often read what they suggest. If I don’t feel involved with a book after I start reading I will sometimes abandon it. That does not mean necessarily that it is not a good book, it’s just not the book for me and life is too short to read everything :-)  “

Hmmm… Abandoning a book… Perhaps that could be a future conversation…?

In case you haven’t noticed, there are now three author-regulars in our discussions—the two above and another from the United Kingdom…

It would be edifying to have them joined by a few readers who don’t write :-)

And, thanks to the author from Australia, I can share an Almost-recommendation list (for those of you who take recommendations) from the poet, Emily DickinsonImagining Book Recommendations from a Life of Letters.


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