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Blog Conversation about How You Choose What You Read . . .

Choosing what to read Our last conversation—What Age Brings to Writing—stopped on August 8th because there were no comments…

So, I’ll start another conversation by remembering a short discussion from June 25th that had a list of 30 reasons to choose what to read…

Reasons to choose; yet, there are, just beyond the reasons, the actual books you choose…

How do you do that—choose a book to read?

Do you have a lot of reasons or ways you choose which book is next?

I used to take an intuitive stroll within range of some books; then, pick one with no clearly conscious reason—usually, I liked the book…

After I’d read a bunch of books and acquired a few favorite writers, I tended to read more of those writers…

Hardly ever have reviews led me to read a book…

Even others’ suggestions have rarely convinced me; unless it was a very good friend’s idea…

Lately, I’ve been reading only books by my favorite fiction author, C. J. Cherryh—I’m exercising my mind for a Poetic Odyssey…

The etymology of odyssey is “long, adventurous journey”; so, I’m reading my favorite fiction to prepare to write a long poem that recounts my personal adventurous journey :-)


What are the ways you’ve chosen particular books…?

Amazon’s also-bought widget…?

A bookstore clerk’s tip…?

A Goodreads review…?

A book your Grandma gave you…?

A book your child loves…?

A book you found lying under a massive oak tree in the meadows of ancient England…?

All it takes is one comment to keep this conversation going………
If you don’t see a way to comment, try the link at the upper right of this post…

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4 responses to “Blog Conversation about How You Choose What You Read . . .

  1. juliecroundblog August 10, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Unlike most people my reading is completely random. I use the local mobile library and I pick up books with an interesting cover and read the blurb. Then I look inside to see the size of the font and get an idea of the style. If I like the look of it I take it home.
    The only books I buy are ones that I have seen recommended somewhere, or those written by fellow self published authors. However I am beginning to switch from novels to biographies so may not be looking out for King or Koontz as I have done for years.
    If I really enjoy a book I put a review on Goodreads or my wordpress blog.


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