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Yet More Conversation about the Different Types of Readers . . .

Types of Reading Our current conversation began on July 2nd and continued on July 4th

We considered nine kinds of readers in the first post; only one type of reader in the second post; and, in a comment after that second post (from an author in the United Kingdom) that let me continue this discussion today


Why don’t I just share that comment :-)

“There are different types of readers, or, rather, readers with different levels of understanding and appreciation. Once a reader has reached a level (about reading age 11) to be able to understand a simple newspaper they need only increase their vocabulary to become a skilled reader but this does not make them a good interpreter of what they are reading. Some folk only read fiction, others only non-fiction. I like your cereal packet image [ from the post on July 4th ]. I used to do that – read every word I saw but there are still books, like Proust, that I cannot enjoy reading and give up. It is the level of thinking that goes into the reading process that differentiates readers. As long as there is a variety of reading matter we can enjoy the written word.”


However many kinds or types of readers there are ( see here, here, here, and here…), there are also “different levels of understanding and appreciation”—even for the same reader at different stages in their reading journey…

After a bit of searching, I found a relatively simple yet somewhat academic slideshow about Literary Appreciation:


Beyond the various stages of appreciation that scholars have determined and that readers gain as they continue to read over the years, there are the very private and complex Appreciations that each individual reader acquires in their lifetime………

Anyone feel like continuing the conversation in the comments…?

Share your ideas on types of readers or levels of reading…?

Or, perhaps, share what you’d rather discuss in the Realms of Reading, Writing, or Publishing…?
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