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Blog Conversation about Choosing What to Read . . .

Choosing what to read Our Blog Conversations are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; but, tune in on the other days of the week for re-blogs from valuable sources I’ve found…

Our last conversation—“What Should I Write?”—ended on June 22nd, because there were no comments; though it did have a run of 4 posts…

So, to begin our discussion about Choosing What to Read, I’ll throw out some thoughts and provocations and hope they elicit a few comments from some of you…

In a related Conversation, back in April—Reading like a Writer—I said (with tongue partially in cheek):

“Not all writers who balance reading and writing take care to read books recommended by ‘Net-Gurus.

“Many very serious writers actually make their own decisions about what they read; and, often, it’s exactly what they most like reading—the stuff that gets them thinking like a writer—the books that inspire their own personal brand of creativity…”

Then, I said:

“My all-time favorite fiction writer is C. J. Cherryh and I’m in process with a reading marathon of her work—many I’ve read before, some I’ve never touched—around 20 books…”

I did have a series of poetry books lined up, too; but; my Muse as since stopped me from reading those…


I chose to read a bunch of fiction books to prepare for writing a poetry book—weird, eh?

I will now boldly state, There Are No Rules for Choosing What to Read! { notwithstanding what various Internet “Gurus” may say; except, the rules you impose on yourself… }

That said, you may have various paradigms or plans or schemes or patterns or methods you use to choose what to read—it’s just those “rules” that should bother you :-)

I’m not going to banter around with my ideas of how to choose the books you read; but, I will give you 30 Reasons to Read from the Serious Reading site (I’m leaving out their descriptions for each reason…).

You may or may not incorporate some of them into your reading paradigms or plans or whatever…

You may notice that some of them strongly support reading physical books, though I love digital…

And, even though the list is Reasons to Read, it’s real easy to make them be

Reasons to Choose What to Read

Gives knowledge
Improves your brain
Reduces stress
Improves memory
Improves imagination
Develops critical thinking skills
Builds vocabulary
Improves writing skills
Improves communication skills
Improves focus and concentration
A fruitful hobby
Cheap entertainment
Improves health
Makes you more empathetic
Improves Skills
Build self-esteem
Portable entertainment
Helps you sleep better
Learn about another world
Improves creativity
Learn at your own pace
Lots of choices to choose from
Improves morals
Learn about your history
Save money
No side effects of the digital world
Makes you smarter
Books are better than movies


I’m sure some of you have ways you choose what to read that are not at all about anything I’ve included in this post…

Care to Share in the Comments?

Naturally, your comment can absolutely be about some of the things I’ve already said

It only takes one comment to keep this conversation going  ( or, to share topics from the realms of Reading, Writing, and Publishing that you’d rather discuss :-)
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